Different shades of Coral in 2019

living coral – pantone colour of 2019


It’s that time of the year as we are distracted by seasonal occupations, that Pantone releases the colour of the year forecasting the shade that will set the tone for the coming year.

2019 is the year for peachy orange. Warm yet cheerful, the color has been selected based on trends, fashion, beauty, social media postings and consumer habits.

Complementing all skin tones, playful on catwalks, Living Coral will most definitely inspire the world of fashion without even mentioning interiors.

Evoking coastal getaways and the underwater world, the combination of coral and turquoise which has been trending for a few years, will be the big trend in 2019.

Varying from terra-cotta to salmon, the different shades of coral will be an opportunity to experiment combinations of colours adding greys and blues . Whether playful or sophisticated, coral is the shade to watch out for.



Walk like an Egyptian

With the stunning ancient Egyptian temple at NY’s Metropolitan Museum as a backdrop, Chanel’s catwalk took the audience by storm. Karl Lagerfeld presented Chanel’s Egyptian themed collection, featuring glittered tweeds, golden garments and bold jewelry.

Gold, sparkles, animal skin patterns and facial makeup detailed the looks of the models presenting the spectacular collection. The show was an opportunity to highlight craftsmanship and notably the work of embroiderers, goldsmiths, pleaters and milliners.

Coïnciding with a time where the renewal of archeological finds in Egypt is booming,   the French luxury brand’s collection is an elegant homage to the style and fashion flair  of this once-powerful ancient civilization.

source : the guardian and dezeen







Fashion Flair


Anonymous beautiful faces from around the world with amazing style. Their fashion flair is undeniable. It reminds you how strongly we are inspired by them in the world of fashion.

The styles or the looks that we admire on Paris, London, NY or Milan catwalks simply interpret the fashion flair coming from these different parts of the world.

As the expression goes “The devil is in the detail ” and here the details are paramount: tattoos, patterns, paisley, ornaments, beads, feathers, shells, batik, sheepskin lining, silks, painted faces, layered fabric, mix and match, florals, stripes – the list is endless.

A style is so personal, so defining.

Each of their styles is a feast for the eyes.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Paris

Paris is always a good idea.

I was lucky enough to get away for a long weekend last week and to return to this beautiful city that I know well. Each time I come to Paris, my breath is taken away by its beauty. The alignment of the streets, the boulevards, the architecture, the monuments, the cafés, the cobbled stoned roads, the fresh flower markets are mesmerizing.

Paris early in the morning when the city is still half asleep, Paris at night with its bright city lights on and the shimmering Eiffel Tower, Paris under the rain, Paris in Autumn, Paris in Spring. The descriptions are endless but the sentiment remains the same.

This time, I took the time to visit the YVES SAINT LAURENT MUSEUM which opened exactly one year ago, fifteen years since the Haute Couture house closed. It is located at   5 Avenue Marceau in the legendary “hotel particulier” where Yves Saint Laurent spent nearly thirty years designing his collections from 1974 to 2002.  Within this space, a rotation of retrospective displays and short termed thematic exhibitions will present the Pierre Bergé-Yves St Laurent Foundation’s rich and unique collection.

The current exhibition: Yves Saint Laurent – Dreams of the Orient which takes place from October 2018 to January 2019, brings together approximately fifty haute couture designs inspired by India, China and Japan and is complemented with Asian artworks borrowed from the Musée Guimet and private collectors.

The most touching and to me the most magical moment was entering the “Studio” of Monsieur Saint Laurent, recreating the original atmosphere of the haute couture house. You enter the studio where you find the desk of YSL with his personal belongings – a pair of glasses, piles of art books, drawing pencils, a dog figurine and little things personal bits scattered on his desk, just as though he had momentarily stepped out of the room.

I am in awe of such talent. Truly one of the great names of French Haute Couture.

Definitely a must-see stop to add to your list of things to see in Paris.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent https://museeyslparis.com/en/practical-information

IMG_5560 IMG_5561.jpg





The Spanish Touch


A new dimension was given to the famous design adage « Form Follows Function » when Mercedes and Elena Zubizaretta launched their handbag and travel goods line in 2012.

As experienced travelers, they knew how unpractical carrying bulky handbags or luggage could be. Finding the right sized lightweight bag was not an easy task and finding a nice looking one even harder. So Mercedes seized the opportunity to make herself the very first canvas pouch that she later gifted to her sister Elena. The girls felt there was a niche in the market for lightweight canvas bags, and the Zubi bag was born. Mercedes and Elena have never looked back since.

Born and raised in Madrid the two sisters have combined experiences in Business and in Interior Design. Virtually overnight, they launched Zubi Design which targets the active woman. They keep in mind the woman who travels, who works, who studies or raises a family.


Learn more about this dynamic duo by clicking on the link :



Ergon Mykonos

I came across this divine little shop while staying in Mykonos this summer. Ergon Mykonos offers an elegant and contemporary selection of home accessories, fashion, and art as any concept store should. The selection takes its inspiration from the tales of Greek mythology combined with contemporary aesthetics. Founded 5 years ago by Marietta Karpathiou, Ergon Mykonos showcases a refined selection which spans from kaftans, espadrilles, pillows and beach towels to sculptures and jewelry.  Each item is original and successfully blends Greek heritage and pop style. Don’t miss dropping by this little gem of a shop. It is a feast for the eyes.




images Listener-2Unknown

dido dress-340x520 8-1200x1200IMG_7038-340x520


Coralie Prévert’s silk scarves


Like her famous namesake, the French poet Jacques Prévert, Coralie shares a love of languages.

Coralie Prévert moves from Paris to Parma in Italy as a student, where she adds Italian to her skills. Her goal at that point was to become a translator. Gradually, her 12-month stay in Italy turns into 12 years. Her goal changes and a new career option surfaces.

After graduating from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan in Textile Design. Coralie joins Versace and later Roberto Cavalli, Working for major brands was not only a challenging and an enriching experience but was also an opportunity to meet amazing creatives.

But the need to experiment and to express herself without commercial constraints became more and more impelling and she decides to return to Paris and to begin something new.

Once back she designs her own scarves and by 2015 the Coralie Prévertbrand was launched. She has not stopped working since. The following year she adds a selection of beautiful printed kimonos. Just recently, in January 2018, a new wallpaper and fabric collection were introduced to her collection which she launched at the prestigious Maison & Objet Paris fair.

Not wanting to restrict herself to fashion, Coralie Prévert now enjoys exploring the world of home decor and hopes to collaborate in the near future not only with rug companies but also with tiling manufacturers and design home textile creators. The sky is the limit.

Read more about Yad Cheri’s partner of the month on YADCHERI.COM



The Skilled One – designer of the month on Yad Cheri

Meet Ilena & Maria Kokkou :

Siblings share an inextricable, one of a kind bond. They are close yet different, sometimes they can even read each other’s minds. Ilena & Maria Kokkou are the perfect example of this sisterly chemistry.

They took this unique connection a further step, when they joined forces to found their koku concept brand in 2011. Trust, complimentary skills and a shared creative language define this dynamic duo.

Learn more about their work on yadcheri.com



Bowie on Broadway

British music legend, David Bowie loved the skylines and subways of New York City. Now Spotify is reflecting that spark through the Broadway-Lafayette Station from April 17 to May 13.

The city that Bowie loved,  is showcasing the icon’s influence on music, fashion & art with this original initiative. Inside the station, visitors will encounter wall sized images and artist’s quotes that speaks to his electric relationship with New York.

Spotify takes the art installation outside the confines of museum walls where it may be appreciated unexpectedly by all. Commuters will have the opportunity to ponder on Bowie’s universe.  Source : designboom













Pasionaria – Joana Uchôa

joana uchoa.png

An old used up shirt covered in stains belonging to her father was the spark that lit the fire to Joana Uchôa’s creativity. She went out to buy fabric paint and reveled at customizing the shirt by covering the stains.

Since that moment, joana has spent time browsing through thrift shops searching for the pieces of clothing that inspire her to develop her customized styling and hand patterns.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, 21 year old Joana Uchôa is an artist in every sense of the word. after exploring different mediums such as drawing, painting, embroidery, sculpture & design, joana focuses her attention to fabric painting and the values of « slow fashion ». She believes in quality & longevity and the principles of  fair wages, lower carbon footprints and ideally zero waste.

When we asked Joana what made her create clothes with the hand pattern, her inspiration was very clear.

” I chose the hand as my main symbol because it portrays several things to me :  Firstly, the hand pattern represents the hands of the exploited sweat shop workers (mainly women) who despite their work are invisible to the eyes of society. I think of these workers who with blood, sweat and tears, produce clothing in terrible working conditions. By customizing an dress or shirt with the hand pattern, it is my way of honoring the work of these workers. I transform the piece into something desirable again and give the clothes a new lease of life.  Therefore the hands represent the power of transformation.

We also wanted to know her feelings about living in one of the world’s most vibrant cities and how rio influences her work.

“i believe that my city, rio de janeiro, influences me a lot in my work. not only on the collection i am presently working on which is focused on slow fashion, but on all my creations so far. rio excites me. it is an extremely beautiful place, a city full of life, with an energy that i haven’t seen anywhere else. it’s a city filled with artists. the streets are crowded with people and small bars and tables.  on the sidewalks, crammed with people and the proximity, the physical proximity it creates, allows people to talk to each other easily.  people from all walks of life mingle. this favors exchanges and people who barely know each other chat, communicate and exchange ideas throughout the night. Rio is a place where you wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunny sky, where you head to the beach for a few hours & meet up with people.

Even when you work or go to college, rio is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush vegetation, the sun shines and the interaction with people is constant. I’m in love with this place ! ”

We were curious to find out what the meaning of Joana Uchôa’s brand name #ousejabrecho : “the hashtag #ousejabrecho means thrift stores.” She explains.  “Its a little joke that I created because I am always talking about how investing in these types of stores would be much more ethical, ecological conscious compared to financing stores that rely on the fast fashion model of consumption and production. On my instagram and youtube channel I’m always talking about these matters ! This is what I fight for!  My focus is slow fashion + feminism where you  promote by investing on thrift.”

How can one not be inspired by the passion, the energy & the charisma of this hand loving designer with a cause.


The Bread Collection

France is known for many things….notably the crusty baguette.

We love French designer Marie Bouillie aka Maron Bouillie’s latest quirky and charming collection of bread bags. The artist, fashion designer & photographer launched her company in 2003. Inspired by her childhood growing up in the countryside, Marie combines her skills to produce a beautiful refreshing bucolic collection.

Her photography is printed on high quality cotton which is transformed into bags, storage bags, aprons and various accessories. These “images turned into objects” are made in France and Japan with a high quality requirement.

Her past collections’ themes spanned from fruit and vegetable, to retro Paris and the flea market. Each time, the bags are colourful, quaint and refreshing.

This season’s Bread Collection is a feast for the eyes. Mouth watering baguettes and oven baked breads decorate her collection.  As you browse through her site, you feel the need to visit Paris again ! The cafés, the markets, the smell of freshly baked baguette and the sound of the accordeon , aah Paris…..




Mr. & Mrs. Perrin

« My motto is to keep it simple and chic ».

Charismatic Artistic Creator and General Manager Sally Perrin sets the tone. Founded in 1893, RigaudyPerrin was France’s premier purveyor of leather gloves for the major couture houses.

In 2009, the family-owned company relaunched as Perrin Paris and extended their expertise into a collection of luxury leather handbags & accessories. at that time, Michel Perrin, the French-born CEO and his American wife sally together with their daughters Chloé & Emma, relocated to southern California from Paris.

The newly launched luxury line of handbags and leather accessories revived the multigenerational family business by combining the finest quality skins with highly conceptual design. brother, Henri, oversaw the Perrin tannery in Vietnam. although Michel’s family history in the leather-glove business extends back generations, Sally & Michel Perrin opted to relaunch the brand by introducing a line of handbags to compliment the glove collection.

Find out more about the prestigious brand and the dynamic duo behind the label on Yad Cheri’s page THE SKILLED ONE on their website http://www.yadcheri.com




Croisière Clutch available on http://www.yadcheri.com






Elle Brazil’s take on Art

Elle Brazil is paying tribute to art history in five covers for its special December 2017 issue. The Magazine has drawn inspiration from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Munch’s The Scream, Klimt’s The Kiss, Vinci’s Mona Lisa & Hockney’s Joiners to re-enact the 5 well known works using Brazilian celebrities. Source : designtaxi







Plastic Jeans – the new fad ?


3F98C0E800000578-0-image-m-35_1493140535929  3F98C0DB00000578-0-image-a-36_14931405426023F98C0DF00000578-4444680-It_happened_After_seeing_the_show_Vogue_predicted_that_clear_pan-m-15_1493143209935

In October of 2015, Loewe debuted its Spring/Summer 2016 collection on the runway, including several pairs of plastic pants on models.

After seeing the show, Vogue predicted that clear pants would become a trend.

Topshop just recently launched the plastic jeans. These Polyurethane jeans are totally see-through and earning quite a lot of attention on social media.


Dior’s new Home Decor Collection

The very first Christian Dior home collection launched this week at the house’s new and grand four-story shop in London. Peter Marino designed the Home space in the new Dior shop to resemble a conservatory, with greenery along the white trellis and a diamond-shaped skylight that runs the entire length of the entrance.

For the launch, the brand tapped 11 designers to create a range of pieces that includes handblown glass carafes, ceramic plates, decks of Dior-printed playing cards, notebooks, crystal glassware, and hand-embroidered linens. The designers include India Mahdavi; Lucie de la Falaise; Michaël Cailloux; and the store’s designer, Peter Marino. For each season, there will be a rotating group of artists and designers creating unique pieces under this new in-house label.

The aesthetic of each Dior Home item pays homage to the founder himself—his love of flowers, his progressive and feminine dress silhouettes, and his unmistakable, signature gray and pastel pink. source : Vogue

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hip hop grandpas of Nairobi

They’re known as Kabangu, and they’re a group of hip hop grandpas who’ve been around since the 1980s — or so it appears.

This ultimate band of “true hip hop heads” allegedly double as security guards by night in Kariobangi – one of Nairobi’s informal settlements.
By day, the four men are said to educate and mentor up and coming talents within the hip hop scene. A Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia and stylist Kevin Abraham have created an imaginary supergroup of octogenarians.  Known as Kabangu, the fictional band has proven so popular many believe they actually exist ! source : cnn






Haute Couture Facade for Dior, Miami

Paris-based Barbarito Bancel Architects was commissioned to add a façade to a Dior boutique located in Miami, whose interiors were designed by Peter Marino. The principal stake of the project was to create a skin for the building that would reflect Dior’s image and identity, finding values where haute couture and architecture could meet and blend.

source : designboom





Chanel’s Glass House

MVRDV has used a pioneering glass technology to replace the brick facade of a former townhouse in Amsterdam with a transparent replica, more suited to the building’s new use as a Chanel boutique.

Described by the Rotterdam studio as the first of its kind, the innovative facade of Crystal Houses Amsterdam uses glass bricks, windows frames and architraves to recreate the city’s traditional architectural style. source : dezeen






ANREALAGE : reactive fabrics


Just discovered this ultra original brand ANREALAGE from Japan.

Anrealage’s designer Kunihiko Morinaga has been carrying out for a while experiments along the shadow/light themes employing ultraviolet reactive fabrics.

Showcased last year at the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, Anrealage’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection featured a series of models with bulbous charcoal helmet-like headdresses and with faces and hands covered in a matte black paint.

When light shone on the clothes, the garments would morph, revealing a white circular spot.

A name to watch out for…..

source : irenebrination







Jean-Paul Gaultier customises Typographia seating at Maison & Objet, Paris

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has plucked his initials from a collection of alphabet-shaped chairs and used a distressed-looking fabric to upholster them.

Typographia seating range is by French brand Tabisso.

The special editions are called Nature et Découverte, and have faux-suede covers patterned to looking rust. Source : Dezeen