With the woes of the Coronavirus impacting our everyday life even saying hello has undergone a revolution. The germ-filled handshake or lethal kiss on the cheek has slowly been replaced by creative options. From the elbow to elbow to the toe to toe method, passing through the asian styled placing of hands together in prayer, each one of us has found their own new way to greet friends and acquaintances. Anything to help prevent the spread of the virus around the globe.

However of all the ways used to greet one another my personal favorite is the revival of Mr. Spock’s Vulcan salute from Star Trek. Simple and as efficient as a handshake but sooo cool.

Even without being a Star Trek fan, it is one of the most recognizable gestures.

According to an article from cnet.com, actor Leonard Nimoy invented it himself. In the TV cult series, the gesture was often accompanied by the words « Live long and prosper ». It became so well known that President Barack Obama even greeted Nimoy with the famous hand gesture.

NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts on February 27, 2015 posted a photo on his  Twitter feed from the International Space Station showing the salute with the Earth in the background as the ISS passed over Leonard Nimoy’s birthplace of Boston, Mass.

No, really there is nothing left to be added, forget the waving, the rubbing of noses or the elbow-tapping the ultimate substitute to kissing and handshaking, the Vulcan salute is the answer for me.

Live Long and Prosper.