Mühlbauer Headware Vienna

The trendy handcrafted headwear from the traditional Viennese manufacture Mühlbauer has been synonymous with high-quality hat fashion in Vienna since 1903.

Mühlbauer creates headwear since 1903 and is worn by trendsetters around the world. Since the founders’ great-grandson Klaus Mühlbauer, a skilled milliner himself, and his sister Marlies took over the time-honoured hat manufacture, unconventional designshave been the order of the day, combined with new materials and forms.

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Gunze Tokyo – best underwear concept

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Gunza the undergarment giant founded in 1896 is housed in a sleek concrete building designed by architect Tadao Ando. This flagship store in Tokyo has a bookshop and café and has revolutionised the way people choose and purchase their underwear. Customers can pick their favourite cotton and nylon underwear from one million options. You can even create your own designs using Macs set up in the basement and staff then sew on your chosen trimmings.

Shop is packed at weekends. via the Monocle