Cacti Paradise

Spanish architect Jacobo García-Germán has designed an experimental garden centre for exhibiting, breeding and growing cacti near Madrid. The gardens include 400 species of plants from five continents, which are grown in beds recreating arid and semi-arid conditions. Some beds are covered in sand to evoke desert settings, while others are topped by soil or gravel. source : dezeen




Gustavo Salmeron’s Madrid Loft

Spanish actor Gustavo Salmeron had a very clear idea of what he wanted when he set out to design his home in Madrid, a mix between New York, Berlin and Brazil.
Salmeron stripped the 1,937 square ft space of anything that was not structural and achieved a truly raw space which he then converted into an open loft with 2 bedrooms and an office. source : trendland


gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo-Machado-2-750x1016  gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo-Machado-6-750x1016



Casa Decor 2014 Madrid – Restaurant MINI by Guille Garcia Hoz

Once a year, interior design attracts the attention of all art lovers in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Casa Decor 2014 took place in the old headquarters of the Association of Architects (COAM), where the best decoration professionals participated to the event. They transformed the old rooms of the place into breathtaking jewels of interior design. Here is one transformation :









Curiosities: Top 11 Rooftops of Madrid

Rooftops with a view…on Madrid.
a great guide by Virginia Duran

Virginia Duran

The average building height in downtown Madrid (5-6 stories) may not be as high as in Chicago (30-40 stories) but it is exactly for that reason than any building with more than 4 stories often hide a potentially interesting spot on its top floor. Madrid is full of, sometimes unknown, rooftops so hopefully you’ll discover some you didn’t know before.

Last week I published 5 Skyline Photographs of Madrid and this post comprises most of the locations from which I took the pictures.
What do I mean by best rooftops? I mean the ones that combine the best architectural value by its building and context with the ones that offer the best views (in addition to amazing cocktails and service)*. If you only have a chance to visit limited places in the capital, you would be able to see Madrid completely (N-S and E-W) with this selection. Nevertheless, if you have…

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One of the most spectacular houses ever ….by A-CERO Madrid


Vivienda 1001 noche by A-Cero

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Large curved volumes bring into line with the facade of the house forming a camouflage whole with the exterior landscape. Thus a sensation of movement between the walls, counteracting the straight lines of the covering is created. The wide porch area serves to the beach area of the swimming pool. At night, the house comes alive, thanks to an elaborated lighting system that lights up in different colors.