The Bread Collection

France is known for many things….notably the crusty baguette.

We love French designer Marie Bouillie aka Maron Bouillie’s latest quirky and charming collection of bread bags. The artist, fashion designer & photographer launched her company in 2003. Inspired by her childhood growing up in the countryside, Marie combines her skills to produce a beautiful refreshing bucolic collection.

Her photography is printed on high quality cotton which is transformed into bags, storage bags, aprons and various accessories. These “images turned into objects” are made in France and Japan with a high quality requirement.

Her past collections’ themes spanned from fruit and vegetable, to retro Paris and the flea market. Each time, the bags are colourful, quaint and refreshing.

This season’s Bread Collection is a feast for the eyes. Mouth watering baguettes and oven baked breads decorate her collection.  As you browse through her site, you feel the need to visit Paris again ! The cafés, the markets, the smell of freshly baked baguette and the sound of the accordeon , aah Paris…..



Alexis Tricoire and his plants

Alexis Tricoire is one of the leading plant design. With his vegetable studio atmosphere, created in 2009 he conducted the New World ephemeral installation that looks like a hut of 20m and 6m high, whose wooden structure is covered with a thousand plants.

Inside, the visitor senses – sight, hearing but also smell and feel through the plant structure – are harnessed to raise awareness of the issues addressed in the Grand Palais. A film made from the NASA data raises public awareness on the alarming increase of hot spots on the planet.

The artist wishes, through this installation, remember that it is necessary to refresh our cities by the association of architecture to the plant. This multi-sensory immersion is an act of artistic awareness.





Belle Epoque cottage in the hillsides of Nice

Though largely built-up, the hillsides of the French Riviera town of Nice are still dotted with beautiful 19th-century manor homes, with lush grounds and tranquil views of the sea. It was on one such estate where a secluded Belle Époque cottage caught the eye of a young creative couple, who began hatching plans for updating the property the moment they stepped onto the grounds. source Lonny


Minimalist swimming lane in the garden of a home in Nice, designed by Italian architect Piercarlo Dondona.

Malika Favre


Malika Favre is a French artist based in London.

Her bold, minimal style – often described as Pop Art meets OpArt – is a striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space and colour.

Her unmistakable style has established her as one of the UK’s most sought after graphic artists. Malika’s clients include The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora and Penguin Books, amongst many others.

Instant Life by Florian Beaudenon

French photographer Florian Beaudenon has a fascinating series titled ‘Instant Life’ that reveals how strangers live, work and play.

The intimate overhead photographs depict people going about their everyday lives, from reading on a couch and taking a relaxing bath, to painting and fixing a bicycle.

instant-life-25,large.1397421355 instant-life-12,large.1397421182 instant-life-7,huge.1397421140