Milan Design Week : The Marni Mercado de Paloquemao

Inspired by the eclectic markets of Bogotá, Colombia, Marni‘s installation for Milan Design Week boasts bold colors and shapes from the exotic faraway land.

The Marni Mercado de Paloquemao is linked to the theme of the Expo Milano 2015, offering unique pieces released in several colors as well as a banquet where fruits can be tasted. Fruits become sculptures in metal and pvc, which may turn into containers, in larger sizes, or decorative items for centerpieces, in smaller sizes. source : trendland




The shakers & the movers – the influencers at Milan’s Design Week

Stefano Seletti runs, with his sister, the well known Italin brand established in 1964 by Romano. The brand is a shining example of Italian innovation, the studio aims at a new poetry of production and daily life, an on-going journey within the idea of beauty.
Studio Job is an Antwerp and Netherlands based design studio known for it’s highly expressive and contemporary designs. It was founded in 2000 by Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets; both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Items designed by Studio Job have been shown in museums and galleries around the world.
Lidewij Edelkoort, often called Li, is an iconic Dutch trend forecaster, curator publisher and educator who “lives in the future.” She focuses on the links between art, fashion, design and consumer culture, Edelkoort pioneered trend forecasting as a profession, providing design and lifestyle analysis for the world’s leading brands. Since 1992, her magazines have been highly influential throughout creative industries.

source : designdo via trendland

The Wood by Massimo Faison

Design Days Dubai 2015

The wood (steam-bent, as designer Massimo Faison points out, “like Thonet chairs”) can support a bird of prey, a tossed-off jacket, or just an admiring regard; the minder of the fair’s falcon kept it hooded and well-fed with mice meat


Casa Decor 2014 Madrid – Restaurant MINI by Guille Garcia Hoz

Once a year, interior design attracts the attention of all art lovers in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Casa Decor 2014 took place in the old headquarters of the Association of Architects (COAM), where the best decoration professionals participated to the event. They transformed the old rooms of the place into breathtaking jewels of interior design. Here is one transformation :









2014 Trends at AMBIENTE, Frankfurt – trade fair

1390397516226In this imaginative style, whimsy is given free rein. The cheerful colour palette includes reseda, mandarin, lime green, red and raspberry, teal, light grey and apricot. Powerful monochrome surfaces and surprising colour progressions cover furniture, objects and entire walls.

1390397586978Jade, mauve and matt gold accentuate the delicate play of colours such as midnight blue, fir, and aubergine. Against the background of nuanced tones such as these, stylish exhibits and unique items of particular elegance are displayed to best advantage. Lights and accessories add a touch of Asian poetry; decorations have an enchanting, atmosphere-laden density.

1390397688737Natural materials, simple forms, subdued furniture and accessories heighten the unassuming chic. Diffidence is trumps. Pastel colours make for a carefree atmosphere and range from taupe, violet, peach, and skin tones to grey, sand, white and black. Compositions featuring natural stone, wood and cork used in innovative ways make for a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors – never rustic, always sophisticated.

1390397759589The use of monochromes enhances their effect. Linear patterns are used sparingly, but in ways rich in contrast. The formal language is objective, concise and geometric with sharp contours preferred. The play of light and shadows emphasizes the graphic effect of three-dimensional objects. New editions of classics and austere original designs transmit clear signals here. The focus, consistently, is upon functional perfection.

Today’s snapshots from Maison & Objet, Paris – January 26th 2014

Jonathan Adler, Curiosités,  entrance of the stand of Objets de Rencontre et de Hasard,  stand Heliotropic, portrait of the designer Ora-Ito, talks, the chair of Ceren Basgoze who is one of the 6 Turkish designers  who were nominated as  Talents à la Carte……..

Very dynamic and busy week-end !
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Elsewhere. Inspiration at Maison & Objet

An invitation to distant inner journeys. A desire to get away and a wish for openness to the world are animating design and the art of living. Traveling coolness is looking for new lands, unseen vistas, far-off spots where adventure and wonder are at hand. Globetrotters and nomads, amblers and bushwhackers are heading out to discover the Other and sketching the shifting cartography of a mobile, fluid, cosmopolitan and more human world. Guaranteed disorientation.

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