Chesterfield Car by Oaf Mooji

The ‘Chesterfield Car’ is a sculpture by Netherlands-based artist Oaf Mooij. The automobile’s exterior is completely transformed into, well, a Chesterfield sofa. A standard 10 (great britain 1954-60) is used as a base for the work whose characteristic roundness influenced the project. The shape is further exaggerated by the addition of a thick layer of foam and artificial leather. source : designboom


Waterstudio completes single storey residence – Netherlands

This residential property in the Netherlands has been designed to comply with strict regulations that limit the height of the single storey structure. Completed by Koen Othuis of Dutch architecture practice Waterstudio.Nl, the property utilizes additional floor space at a subterranean level, providing extra surface within the limited dimensions of the building envelope. source : design boom




Amsterdam Pop Up : The Loft

The Loft is a periodically recurring pop up store, hosted by Amsterdam venue and event space The Playing Circle. Everything in the beautifully decorated showroom is deep rooted in craftsmanship and natural materials and the rotating designs provide endless amounts of inspiration for any dweller looking to give their home a lift. Plus anything and everything in The Loft is for sale. source :






Food Domino – The Anatomy of a Recipe

Food connects people, and that was the ingredient that Leonie Anholts, recent graduate of Academie Artemis, wanted to explore in her graduation project.
The Anatomy Of A Recipe is a variation on the good old-fashioned domino game. By playing this game, you decide what’s for dinner. Each tile represents a recipe, captured in a recipe book. The first player to use all his tiles wins and decides, with its winning piece, which recipe will be made. The Anatomy Of A Recipe is an social game, with the intention to (re)connect people in their daily lives.’ Reblogged from Trendland

anatomy-of-a-recipe-leonie-anholts-4-600x676 anatomy-of-a-recipe-leonie-anholts-1-600x400 anatomy-of-a-recipe-leonie-anholts-2-600x400

KLM’s brilliant campaign “Cover Greeting” – just love this !

Saying goodbye at the airport is usually a sad affair, and Dutch airline KLM understands this. That is why, together with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, they have created a heart-warming campaign called ‘Cover Greetings’.

In this campaign, the airline gave passengers’ families and friends a chance to leave a personal message on the headrest of their loved ones selected seats. The heart-warming video below captures the passengers’ reactions as they read their unexpected messages. source : design taxi




Black Wallpaper

Piet Hein Eek started working with NLXL in 2010 launching ‘Scrapwood’ one of the most popular wallpaper collections in recent years. This month NLXL introduce a new photographic surface by Piet the “Black Brick” fitting perfectly into the prevalent monochrome trend.via despoke

Black Brick Wallpaper

Dutch Simplicity : Slowwood


Dutch designer Christien Starkenburg lives and works in the Northern Province Friesland. She has her own furniture line ‘Slowwood’, timeless pieces of quality furniture with a raw natural elegance. Her collection of tables is simple, pure and uncomplicated. Each piece is unique, handmade with love and attention by local craftsmen in Fryslan, using solid wood, 100% natural finishes and mineral paint.




Spectacular Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter, Netherlands

An exercise in self-sufficiency, ‘villa kogelhof’ is an autonomous carbon-neutral dwelling located in noord-beveland in the netherlands. the paul de ruiter designed building is part of a protected 25 hectare plot, a popular tourist destination and home to a variety of rare animals and plant life. planning permission for the villa was only granted on the condition that the land was returned to its pre-agricultural state, consequently 71,000 trees have been planted across the vast site via designboom

paul-de-ruiter-architects-villa-kogelhof-designboom-08 paul-de-ruiter-architects-villa-kogelhof-designboom-06 paul-de-ruiter-architects-villa-kogelhof-designboom-05 paul-de-ruiter-architects-villa-kogelhof-designboom-04

ouch ! Winde Rienstra’s Shoes Make Use of Unconventional Materials

The shoes in Winde Rienstra’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection were made of unconventional materials that challenge the forms of traditional footwear. 

The unusual collection features shoes made from plexiglass, bamboo, LEGO, cardboard and wood made to look like scales. On their own, there is nothing particularly exciting about any of these materials, but Rienstra crafts them into beautiful and wearable sculptures and completely disguises their original forms from recognition.
217752_1_600 217752_2_600 217752_8_600

Villa 1 by Powerhouse, Netherlands



Villa 1 was the first commission for Powerhouse Company, two months after its founding in May 2005. Set in a clearing in a large pine forest, the program of Villa 1 is oriented optimal towards the views on the terrain and the sun. Half of the program is pushed below ground to meet local zoning regulations. This creates a clear dichotomy in the spatial experience of the house – above ground a ‘glass box’ ground floor where all mass is concentrated in furniture elements and below ground a ‘medieval’ basement, where the spaces are carved out of the mass.

Coleoptera plastic made of beetles by Aagje Hoekstra

Latest from Dutch Design Week : design graduate Aagje Hoekstra has developed a plastic made of pressed insect shells. The material is then heat-pressed to create a plastic, with the oval-shaped shells still visible. “I wanted to keep the structure of the beetle in the plastic so you know where it has come from,” said Hoekstra. She claims the plastic is waterproof and heat resistant up to 200 degrees centigrade.

Coleoptera-insect-plastic-by-Aagje-Hoekstra_dezeen_1 Coleoptera-insect-plastic-by-Aagje-Hoekstra_dezeen_9 Coleoptera-insect-plastic-by-Aagje-Hoekstra_dezeen_10 Coleoptera-insect-plastic-by-Aagje-Hoekstra_dezeen_ss_1

Not for the faint hearted…

Awkward : Luis de Garrido designs football shaped eco-house for Lionel Messi

The One-Zero Eco-House designed by Luis de Garrido features a two-storey property shaped like a football. It is proposed for the Llavaneres Sant Andreu municipality – 36 kilometres north of Barcelona, Spain – and intends to reflect the interests and lifestyle requirements of FC Barcelona and Argentina footballer Lionel Messi.

The design forms part of the 33 BIP VIP (33 Architectural Birthday Presents for Very Important People) architectural research project to design conceptual eco-houses for 33 celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, Beyonce, Brad Pitt, James Cameron, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Hawkins.