Bowie on Broadway

British music legend, David Bowie loved the skylines and subways of New York City. Now Spotify is reflecting that spark through the Broadway-Lafayette Station from April 17 to May 13.

The city that Bowie loved,  is showcasing the icon’s influence on music, fashion & art with this original initiative. Inside the station, visitors will encounter wall sized images and artist’s quotes that speaks to his electric relationship with New York.

Spotify takes the art installation outside the confines of museum walls where it may be appreciated unexpectedly by all. Commuters will have the opportunity to ponder on Bowie’s universe.  Source : designboom













THE ROLLING STONES AT London’s Saatchi Gallery

EXHIBITIONISM -The Rolling Stones is this summer’s must-see show, having opened to critical acclaim at London’s Saatchi Gallery.

Unlocking their vast archive, this exhibition is a Rolling Stones treasure trove, curated over 9 thematic gallery spaces with 500 items from original stage costumes, rare instruments and lyric books, backstage and touring paraphernalia, album art, photography, stage designs, personal diaries, and never before released audio and behind-the-scenes footage.

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hip hop grandpas of Nairobi

They’re known as Kabangu, and they’re a group of hip hop grandpas who’ve been around since the 1980s — or so it appears.

This ultimate band of “true hip hop heads” allegedly double as security guards by night in Kariobangi – one of Nairobi’s informal settlements.
By day, the four men are said to educate and mentor up and coming talents within the hip hop scene. A Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia and stylist Kevin Abraham have created an imaginary supergroup of octogenarians.  Known as Kabangu, the fictional band has proven so popular many believe they actually exist ! source : cnn






The Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph…The Music You Want Wherever You Go

Absolutely Brilliant !

Atomic Flash Deluxe

The Forward Look - Inserting A Record Into The Highway Hi-Fi The Forward Look

Innovation was the name of the game in the 1950s. The decade was also a time for the always anticipated family vacation and long road trips. It was on one of these trips that Dr. Peter Goldmark, head of CBS Labs, found inspiration for a novel idea from a question thrown out by his son.

‘Dad,’ Peter suddenly blurted out. ‘Why don’t they have adventure stories on the radio? Something you can put on yourself. This stuff can be so boring.’

The question stuck in his head and soon he went to work. Goldmark invented the Highway Hi-Fi – an under-the-dash ‘ultra microgroove record turntable‘ designed specifically for the automobile (and all the challenges of the American roads.)

I started to wonder how much information one can put on a small record for use in a car without a changer. The answer, it turned out…

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Hear My Train a coming – Hendrix hits London at EMP Museum, Seattle

EMP Museum, Seattle Washington or Experience Music Project is dedicated to the ideas & risk taking that fuel contemporary popular culture.

New Exhibition : Hear my train a coming – Jimi Hendrix hits London

From the flamboyant fashions on the street to the sounds that ushered in a new electric era in rock, Hear My Train a Comin’: Hendrix Hits London captures the musician’s impact on England’s most happening city during the swinging sixties. Get experienced with artifacts, instruments, and personal mementos from one of Seattle’s favorite sons.

Hendrix’s show at the Saville Theatre in Westminster would be his last before leaving England to perform at the Monterey Pop Festival. During his nine-month stay, Hendrix had taken the swinging London scene by storm. To mark his gratitude for the warm welcome he’d received in the UK, the wave of which would propel him into superstardom once back on American turf, Hendrix hand-painted his Stratocaster, lovingly inscribed a poem to it, and then smashed it to pieces.

Opened on King’s Road in October of 1966, the boutique Dandie Fashions proved popular to rock’s elite. Stars like Brian Jones, David Bowie, Roger Daltrey, and Jimi Hendrix coveted their silk frilled shirts, velvet suits, and colorful breasted jackets, and introduced the new style of dress to a public that had up till then favored a more conservative look. source : EMP Museum



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When Hip Hop meets Pre-16th Century Artwork

cecilia azcarate of the tumblr B4XBVI has generated a series of images that compare the uncanny relationship between pre-16th century artworks and famous hip hop stars of the present day. the portraits contrast the fashion, jewelery, tatoos, piercing and poses of the two genres with surprising results.





New Cultural Hub opens its doors in Sao Paolo REDBULLSTATION

A major new cultural venue opened in São Paulo in November 2013 in the form of Red Bull Station, in the heart of the city’s downtown in a stunningly repurposed, previously neglected 1920s building.

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Two main differences mark Red Bull Station out from the rest of the city’s sterling array of cultural hubs: it was conceived as a space for the production of culture, in the form of music and art, rather than as a platform for ready-made exhibitions and shows; and it’s sponsored – or to be more exact, 100 per cent paid for – by the makers of a well-known energy drink. via TimeOut