Brillhart House




Charming Miami residence inspired by traditional Florida style with its mid-century open-plan architecture.  The house includes 100 feet of uninterrupted glass that covers the length of the front and rear facades, with four sets of sliding glass doors that allow the house to be entirely open when desired.  Front and back porches and shuttered doors along the front have been added for privacy and protection against the elements.


The historic and iconic Miami Beach Surf Club in Surfside was built in 1929 and designed by archtect Russell Pancoast. The original Miami Beach Surf Club has long been designated as a historic landmark, now the additional development on the property has incorporated the original building with it’s restoration and renovation, returning the existing Surf Club to it’s original splendor.

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier and designer Joseph Dirand  The Surf Club succeeds in offering 21st century confort and design and re-kindling the old-Miami glamour once favored by guests like Sinatra or Churchill.






Haute Couture Facade for Dior, Miami

Paris-based Barbarito Bancel Architects was commissioned to add a façade to a Dior boutique located in Miami, whose interiors were designed by Peter Marino. The principal stake of the project was to create a skin for the building that would reflect Dior’s image and identity, finding values where haute couture and architecture could meet and blend.

source : designboom






Perched sixty feet in the air like a floating cloud and open to the Miami Beach sky, the Alchemist boutique is a hovering glass box inserted into the fifth floor of a parking structure designed by Herzog and de Meuron. Inside, its reflective materials capture the colors and energy of the surrounding environment and make it is visible from many vantage points throughout Miami Beach.

Roma and Erika Cohen and designer Renee Gonzalez have taken a space on the fifth floor of a parking lot and turned it into haven for the jetset shopper looking looking to strike fashion gold in Miami. source : miamiescapes






Mythical “Surf Club”, Miami to re-open in 2015 – Assouline’s new book gives us a flash from the past


Opened in 1930, the Surf Club was situated on more than six acres of prime beachfront property in the Surfside neighborhood. The Mediterranean-revival-style villa, designed by Russell Pancoast, was decorated with zebra-skin sofas and cabanas as far as the eye could see, and offered a signature drink — the Mangareva cocktail — as well as poolside fashion shows, debutante balls and black-tie boxing nights, all for the enjoyment of its gilded guests. And there were plenty of them — from Hollywood royalty such as Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra to political dignitaries including the Shah of Iran and Winston Churchill. The former prime minister spent so much time at the Surf Club, in fact, that he had two cabanas at his disposal: one for afternoon naps, and the other used for painting.

In recent decades, the club fell out of fashion and into financial trouble, and it changed ownership in 2012. Now, the architect Richard Meier has been tasked with restoring and expanding the historic property. The original building and cabanas will remain in place, with Meier’s three 12-story glass-walled structures — housing a Four Seasons hotel and 150 Four Seasons-operated residences — appearing to hover weightlessly above them. Sure to drum up interest in the project, which opens its doors next year (2015), is a new photobook from Assouline, “The Surf Club,” featuring a trove of archival images from the institution’s heyday. The decadence portrayed in its pages is best summed up by a 1962 quote from a Miami society reporter: “When I die, I don’t want to go to heaven. I want to go to the Surf Club.” via TMAGAZINE, NYTimes  By AZADEH ENSHA

Surf-Club-Hotel-and-Residences-Beach-View 28surf-ensha-main-slide-K2HU-jumbo 28surf-ensha-main-slide-KK93-jumbo 28surf-ensha-main-slide-GUCB-jumbo surf-club-23 28surf-ensha-main-slide-W02Y-jumbo Unknown Surf-Club-Hotel-and-Residences-Street-View

the instagramers gallery in miami, florida

instagramers-gallery-designboom-02 instagramers-gallery-designboom-03 instagramers-gallery-designboom-01


Instagramers Gallery is a free, online virtual space where users can share and exchange their personal images with people from all over the world, without having to create a profile, add friends or follow anyone. the brainchild of phil gonzález and graphic designer jorge martínez comprises a network of instagram fans from more than 300 local communities in 60 different countries, who promote their artistic work through the platform. those who submit their instagram captures to the site have the chance to simultaneously participate in a $1000 ‘photo-day prize’; the finalists and winners of the daily contests will compete for a grand prize of $100,000 for the best photo, as chosen by a panel of judges comprised of well-known personalities from the world of art. the instagramers gallery has recently opened a physical location in the artist neighborhood of wynwood, miami — alongside the virtual online space — showcasing the most outstanding and valued photos uploaded to the digital platform. the materialized locale serves as a meeting place open to everyone — lovers of photography, amateurs, and instagram users — and provides them with opportunities to attend discussions, forums, events, presentations and expositions. via designboom

Inflatable snow house by kolkoz, Miami Beach

On the occasion of art basel miami beach, swiss luxury watch manufacturer audemars piguet — the global associate partner of art basel — and paris-based galerie perrotin presented ‘curiosity’: a life-sized inflatable log cabin. contradicting south beach’s sunlit waterfront vistas, the winter chalet created by french artist duo kolkoz floats at the core of a buoyant stage, playing host to the haute horology brand’s events throughout the exposition week. a yellow, faux-wood texture wraps the pavillion’s façade, crowned by a puffy white coat; at its interior, warm tones saturate the volume, encompassing dwellers within in a vast, cozy enclosure. via designboom

inflatable-snow-house-at-design-miami-designboom-02 inflatable-snow-house-at-design-miami-designboom-03

the french artist duo kolkoz standing outside ‘curiosity’

inflatable-snow-house-at-design-miami-designboom-04 inflatable-snow-house-at-design-miami-designboom-01

When exes can inspire you to create….12 shoes for 12 lovers by S. Errazuriz

12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-designboom-107Jet-setter JESSICA

12 shoes for 12 lovers‘ by chilean-born, new york-based designer SEBASTIAN ERRAZURIZ reflects on the recollection of the artist’s personal and sexual relationships with former lovers, each of whom became the influence for a series of shoe sculptures. each day, Errazuriz released one image of a new heeled design, completed by an accompanying photo of the footwear’s muse and a small, often explicit story about the duo’s escapades together. all nicknamed according to their distinctive idiosyncrasies, peculiarities, and character traits, the women and their narrative are materialized through each wearable. varying aesthetics define each lover’s design; ‘ice queen’ sophie — shoe number 5 — sees long, frosty glaciers hanging from its sole, while ‘jetsetter jessica’ — shoe number 8 — is a hot glossy red with an airplane fitted as a heel. ’12 shoes for 12 shoes’ will exhibit at the pop-up shop of brazilian shoe brand Melissa from december 6th, 2013 to january 6th, 2014 for art basel miami beach 2013. via designboom




Gold Digger ALISON






Ice Queen SOPHIE

Peacock Chair by UUFIE

Peacock Chair by UUFIE

The ’peacock’ chair designed by canadian firm uufie is constructed from a single sheet of acrylic composite material.
The seating unit is available in three versions, a limited edition in large and smaller sizes, in both color and white. uufie is presenting the variations of ‘peacock’ at design miami/ as part of galleria rossana orlandi collection, and is also currently on exhibit at spazio rossana orlandi, milan.