Atelier Oï

Wonderful visit & guided tour today of Atelier Oï with co-founder Aurel Aebi. Many thanks again for the fascinating conference on OÏ’s work & amazing projects and sharing with us your passion for design.

Whether collaborating with Vuitton, Foscarini or Danese, the founder trio, Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis & Patrick Reymond create the most amazing designs. Swiss design at its best.




Pendant lamp / original design / metal















North Delegate’s Lounge UN New York by hella jongerius & rem koolhaas

The united nations (UN) buildings in new york, date back to 1951, erected six years after the global organization was founded. often referred to as ‘a workshop for peace’, the complex was designed by a team of architects which included le corbusier, oscar niemeyer and wallack k. harrison.

In 2009, the UN launched a large-scale renovation project to renew its north delegates’ lounge. at the request of the dutch ministry of foreign affairs, hella jongerius, together with rem koolhaasirma boomgabriel lester and louise schouwenberg, have redesigned the space, bringing it into a new era. the renovation was a gift from the netherlands to the UN.

The team wanted to realize a space that encompassed both comfort and professional informality. in maintaining the historic characteristics of the space–retaining some of the original scandinavian designs and offering a new perspective on the works of art already on display. the biggest reconstruction of the original architecture was the removal of the mezzanine that was blocking the view of the east river. Via Designboom

united-nations-north-delegates-lounge-by-hella-jongerius-rem-koolhaas-designboom-01 united-nations-north-delegates-lounge-by-hella-jongerius-rem-koolhaas-designboom-02 united-nations-north-delegates-lounge-by-hella-jongerius-rem-koolhaas-designboom-08 united-nations-north-delegates-lounge-by-hella-jongerius-rem-koolhaas-designboom-09

As Little Design as Possible by Dieter Rams

As Little Design as Possible by Dieter Rams

For all design lovers, an interesting insight on the subject
by industrial designer Dieter Rams.

Dieter Rams’ life and work are indelibly linked to his thoughts about how people live, and how they can live better. Products he designed in the 1960s are still being produced and sold today – only one demonstration of the strength of his work.

AM has created a line of cleaning products

AM has created a line of cleaning products

designed and conceived in collaboration with aruliden, new york city-based brand strategy and product design consultancy, copenhagen-based AM have re-launched with a series of all-in-one screen cleaning products. the collection features a variety of all-in-one sprays, wipes, cloths and cleaning pumps for smartphones, tablets, computer and television screens, and keyboards

New design by Yves Béhar of Fuseproject

New design by Yves Béha of Fuseproject

Sodastream has presented the new bottle re-design by san francisco-based design yves béhar of fuseproject. influenced by the silhouette of a single water drop, the new container was developed to accompany the ‘sodastream source’ home soda maker — a sculpted form highlighting clean, monolithic lines to emphasize sustainability while retaining the minimalistic approach characteristic of ‘thesource’ collection. adopting the concept behind béhar’s model of ‘reduce and refine’, the drop motif is also featured on the facade of the machine, cohesively branding the system and bottle silhouette.

Carbon fiber lounge chair by RevoZport

Carbon fiber lounge chair by RevoZport

The design of the carbon fiber chair comes from the three-dimensional molded plywood chairs made by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1940s. This time around, RevoZport has turned to carbon fiber instead of plywood. The lightweight material is manufactured using dry vacuum infusion technology with an epoxy resin to create a honeycomb sandwich structure that is durable but still retains the low weight characteristics of carbon fiber. The seat and backrest sections conform to the body and are attached to the base of the chair by rubber and metal shock mounts.

Ten Principles of Good Design :

According to Dieter Rams, one of the world’s most influential industrial designers, the essence of good design is formed on these principles –

1. INNOVATION- new technology
2. USEFULNESS- accentuate and not detract attention
3.VISUAL BEAUTY- attractiveness
4.INTUITIVENESS- self explanatory
5.UNDERSTATEMENT- looking good without dominating
6.HONESTY- it does what is says
7.ENDURANCE- timeless
8.THOUGHTFULNESS- attention to detail
9.ECOLOGICAL SENSITIVITY- minimum pollution
10.MINIMALISM- simplicity