Penda proposes green-filled sky villa residences in India

Penda has shared the latest development for his Magic Breeze project in Hyderabad, India with the proposal of a residential idea of a ‘house with a garden’ to complement the maze-like garden landscape. The 450,000 square foot development is composed of 127 units; designed as duplex sky villas with each unit divided from its neighbor by a double-height, private garden. these green ‘in-between spaces’ create a sense of openness and vitality to the compound and loosens up the density a tenant would experience in a common condominium building. source : designboom





People Riding in Mumbai’s ‘Bollywood’ Taxis by Dougie Wallace





After spending one year taking taxi rides and observing its drivers and passengers in Mumbai, India, photographer Dougie Wallace managed to capture the unique taxi culture in the country in his photo series, ‘Road Wallah’.

Wallace’s project also documented the drivers behind the city’s old and dying fleet of Premier Padmini taxis—Wallace called them ‘Bollywood cabs’—which were first introduced on the roads in the 1960s.

via designtaxi

Sahil + Sarthak reinterpret local craftwork in Lakshman Sagar Resort, Rajastan India









Perched on the banks of a lake near the Rajasthani village in Raipur, india, the ‘lakshman sagar resort’ designed by new Dehli-based studio sahil & sarthak utilizes local and sustainable materials. The main objective of the project was to identify artisan skills from the traditional ‘jajmani’ system, reinterpreting and improvising these methods for its construction. The neighboring community is very self sufficient as a vast majority of people make a living from crafting everyday objects, farming tools and household utensils. successfully bringing together various workers, who would otherwise operate in isolation, resulted in an amalgamation of different techniques applied throughout the resort. via designboom



Unobstructed prospects of the bustling Indian metropolis are yours at this high-energy restaurant and lounge occupying the entire roof of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. Snack on international tapas—think goat-cheese-and-pistachio truffles and whiskey-smoked salmon—while a DJ spins jazz, funk, and house music. Located on the hotel’s 34th floor, the bar is the city’s highest.

Bombay Arts Society by Sanjay Puri

Bombay Arts Society by Sanjay Puri

Sanjay Puri architects have designed ‘bombay arts society’ as a mixed-use building on a 1,300 square meter plot. half the complex’s programs is composed of office spaces, while the other half caters to visual and performance arts displays and creative studio space. three lower levels encased in an undulating concrete form house galleries and their allied functions, the seamless transitions between vertical and horizontal surfaces continuing inside the building as well as on the exterior. thus, patrons tour the museum, moving fluidly through an occupiable sculpture.

Leaf House, an asymetrical home designed by SJK Architects, Mumbai India

Mumbai studio SJK Architects designed the home for a family, dividing the living spaces into five rooms that fan out around a central courtyard and large tree on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Supported by angled steel columns, the concrete roof canopies shelter all five rooms, which include four spaces surrounded by glazing and an open-air living room bordered by a lily pond and pool.

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