It’s that time of year ……

It’s that time of year when inspiration needs a little push. So here I am with a couple of suggestions. Hope this little wish list will help out.



Cushion: Elitis, Candle: Candle Hand, Lamp: Flyte, Miniature Chair: Vitra, Nespresso Machine: Giobagnara, Pendant Light: Windy Chien, Ashtray: Ginger & Jagger,  Table Lamp: Fontana Arte, Earplugs:  Plus D, Book: Find your Good Luck by Ellen Weinstein.

Candle Hand, Nespresso Machine and Good Luck Book, also available upon email request on,,,,,,,,






Shake it, Shake it Baby



Who doesn’t feel like a small kid again when they pick up a snow globe, shake it and watch the tiny snowflakes slowly settle ? It’s mesmerizing. It makes you smile.

That is exactly the feeling Marie-José van den Ende captures with her enchanting snow globe brand Shake it Baby.

After working for several years as a men’s fashion buyer and later as a magazine photographer, Marie-José accidentally branched out into her current occupation.What started out as helping out a friend quickly transformed into the production and launch of a brand.

Marie-José explains : “Some years ago, a friend was opening an eclectic concept store in Amsterdam and was on the look out for distinctive products. I thought it would be fun to make people smile with an inspiring quote and beautiful illustration inside an XL snow globe. It would be an original gift. They directly sold out in his shop, so I designed new ones and soon there was a waiting list. This led to the idea of launching a brand”.


Living and working in Amsterdam contributes immensely to Marie-José’s creativity. The rich cultural and historical heritage of this beautiful city with its intersecting canals, innovative lifestyle and open-mindedness makes it unique. Shake it Baby’s offices and ateliers are located in the heart of Amsterdam close to the Herengracht, one of the oldest city canals.

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Yad Cheri – new online boutique to be launched

Soon to be launched in October, a new online Concept Store dedicated to the Hand covering various lines such as Lifestyle, Beauty, Jewelry, Gift & Art.

Keep Posted, Stay Tuned for official launch date  – WATCH OUT FOR THE HAND !

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YAD : \ˈyād\ noun, Hebrew: יד‎‎, literally “hand”

CHÉRI : \ʃe.ʁi\ noun, adjective, French, darling
CHERI : χέρι • (chéri) noun, Greek, the hand



Fish Restaurant by Droog

Chinese restaurants worldwide all seem to have a fish tank – a token of good luck and prosperity. Amsterdam’s ever-puckish Droog decided to invert the paradigm by placing a 3D-printed Chinese restaurant inside a fishbowl, complete with miniature vases, paper lampion and dim sum service for six ! just love it….



The new POLADARIUM 2016

The world’s first and only Polaroid Calender

The Polaroid tear-off calendar is already set to appear for the fifth time and will delight us again every day in 2016 with an instant photo and its own little story. 366 times, the calendar shows the almost intimate snapshots of well-known photographers and newcomers, professionals and individuals.





Say a Little Prayer provides a fresh, modern means of relating to the spiritual in our fast-paced world. Uniting schools of thought and spirituality from across history and geography, world-renowned creative director Giovanni Bianco presents ten colorful card sets connected with ten spiritual traditions: Brazilian Candomblé, Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, Protestantism, and Shinto. Each of the ten card decks comes with 11 graphic cards—along with plenty of insight into the positive thoughts that every faith can bring.

Gift Idea : Reindeer Poo in a box


What to get the seriously green fingered for Christmas? Well we bet they haven’t ever received a gift like this before – this Reindeer poo in a box is rich in nutrients for flower beds and has the added bonus of a much less pungent aroma than the usual animal fertiliser. To give a further nordic vibe to gardens, christmas tree seeds are interspersed in the droppings, so it’s a gift that’ll keep on growing for next year’s festive season. Extra bonus points for seeing their faces when they unwrap it on Christmas morning…. £6, Natural History Museum

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Mad about Japan ! miniature zen rock garden made from sweets




A collaboration between art directors Tomonori Saito, Shohei Sawada, and confectioner Motohiro Inaba, the Shinan-ji Temple Rock Garden doubles as a collection of sweet snacks.

This edible rock garden is made of black sesame cubes that are shaped like rocks, while the sand is actually a bed of sugar. However, the wooden rake in the set cannot be eaten.

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“Never Stop to Think… Do I Have a Place for This” by Mary Randolph Carter, Photographed by Carter Berg



In an age of picture-perfect interior design, best-selling author Mary Randolph Carter celebrates her highly personal and creative approach to decor, illustrating how to live stylishly with the many items you want to treasure forever.

This is a personal study which asks 20 individuals to share their unique collections and asks them to explain how and why they chose to surround themselves with these things.

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Skyline page markers

London-based product design firm Another Studio, who previously created cards that transform into mini 3D sculptures, has come up with a range of lovely architecture-inspired book page markers.




Back to the essential : new range of soaps Portugal

This stand-out packaging by Luís Mendonça in collaboration with  Rui Mendonça for Alkymist’s soap collection is inspired by the typical Portuguese sheepherders. The women pictured on the soaps are the actual women who have collected the fruits (lemon, apple, orange and fig) to give these handcrafted soaps their fruity aromas. Same goes for the milk used to create the soap. There range includes cow, goat, donkey and sheep milk soaps.

These realistic photographs on the packaging create an immediate connection with the brand. via trendland




Gold Joulies



Basically Joulies are intelligent thermodynamic, non-toxic materials, shaped as coffee beans that serve two very useful purposes: firstly they cool your hot coffee down, up to 3 times faster than normal by absorbing the heat and secondly they help to keep your coffee warm by releasing this absorbed energy – all pretty clever stuff and they can be used in tea, hot chocolate or any other hot drink too.