Some of the most amazing cakes are made at a Moscow based pastry school called Annushka School. Redefining cake-making with their sleek, contemporary, minimalist look, all the cake creations from the instagram account @tortikannushka are mouth-watering. Whether for weddings, birthdays or any celebration you have planned, check out their incredible selection and be inspired.




Eat your vegetables :VEGEDECO


VEGEDECO Salad Café, a shop dedicated to vegetable cakes that look stunningly like their sweet counterparts, opened on Tuesday in the city of Nagoya, about 200 miles west of Tokyo.

Mitsuki Moriyasu, a long-time food stylist and yoga instructor,  came up with the idea at the French restaurant that she’s been running in town for 30 years.

VEGEDECO offers a selection of healthy looking, cake-inspired ‘salads’.
Simply, they are nutritional salads disguised as cakes. This takes eating vegetables to another level !



Sweet Sushi

These sushi kit kats are set to hit specialty stores in Ginza, Tokyo in early February. The limited edition edibles will be available in three unique flavors, each drawn from a traditional japanese dish: tuna, sea urchin and egg. ‘Tuna’ is a mix of raspberry chocolate bars placed on a bed of sculpted rice puffs; ‘Sea Urchin’ blends melon with mascarpone cheese, held together by a seaweed wrapping; while ‘Egg’ is pumpkin pudding and rice, encased in a ribbon-like seaweed shell. Bon Appétit ! source : designboom




With an understated colour scheme of inky blues and fluted stone columns inside and an exterior covered in graffiti, new Athenian eatery Suvlaki represents modern Greek dining and is a far cry from the traditional taverna. ‘Gone are the days of bouzouki dancing and plate smashing,’ says London-based Greek interior designer Afroditi Krassa, who worked on the project. ‘Greece is currently presenting itself as one of the creative powerhouses of Europe and our interior design studio is picking up on this energy: the project is raw, witty and idiosyncratic.’ The atmosphere is laid-back, buzzy and welcoming. 21 Bateman St, London W1 ( source : Elle Decoration UK



CXBO by Brandon Olsen

A former chef at Toronto’s Bar Isabel, Brandon Olsen has since moved on to launch his own chocolate confectionary, slated to open on College Street in March. In the meantime, his CXBO chocolates – beautiful half marbles that you can’t stop staring at – are being sold online. The unique flavour combinations include raspberry, rose and fennel; lime, ginger and black pepper; and classic salted caramel. source :



COCO CAKES – Chanel mania hits London with the opening of Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery


Mademoiselle Privé, a journey through the origins of CHANEL’s creations capturing the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

This autumn, Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL will present an enchanted journey through the House’s creativity. The “Mademoiselle Privé” exhibition will highlight the Haute Couture, the re-editions of the High Jewellery “Bijoux de Diamants” collection created in 1932 and CHANEL N°5. source : saatchi gallery

TOG SODA by Philippe Stark, Milan Expo 2015

One of the many themes of the Milano Expo is Energy for Creativity. Architects and designers have been asked to create temporary installations to offer their subjective interpretations of the theme Energy for Life. The Event for 2015 of Interni becomes a place of experimentation for the prototyping of installations on different scales re-presenting their design message on an urban scale for the international audience of Expo 2015. This will be an encounter and exchange with disciplinary synergies to nourish minds and creativity.

PHILIPPE STARK’s contribution is the TOG SODA –  the drink is made entirely from organic ingredients. An infusion of dried hibiscus flowers provides a sharp core flavour, while juices of pomegranate and cranberry offer a refreshing twang. A pinch of stevia, the natural sweetener, is sprinkled in for good measure. The resulting concoction, served up in TOG-labelled glasses, proved immensely popular among fairgoers.

Starck believes that his drink goes back to the fundamental idea of design, ‘to serve our community’.


Ladurée goes Capri style……

EMILIO PUCCI and Parisian pastry maker LADUREE have combined their expertise to offer a series of chic and scrumptious gift boxes. Pastry chef Yann Menguy even created a new variation on the famous Ladurée macaron in honor of the “dolce vita” and the Italian Riviera. source : luxuo


Food Domino – The Anatomy of a Recipe

Food connects people, and that was the ingredient that Leonie Anholts, recent graduate of Academie Artemis, wanted to explore in her graduation project.
The Anatomy Of A Recipe is a variation on the good old-fashioned domino game. By playing this game, you decide what’s for dinner. Each tile represents a recipe, captured in a recipe book. The first player to use all his tiles wins and decides, with its winning piece, which recipe will be made. The Anatomy Of A Recipe is an social game, with the intention to (re)connect people in their daily lives.’ Reblogged from Trendland

anatomy-of-a-recipe-leonie-anholts-4-600x676 anatomy-of-a-recipe-leonie-anholts-1-600x400 anatomy-of-a-recipe-leonie-anholts-2-600x400


Chef ALAIN DUCASSE’s Tokyo-based eatery Beige has tapped Karl Lagerfeld to design a one-of-a kind Christmas cake for its 10th anniversary. The creative director of Chanel, Lagerfeld chose to recreate an iconic lipstick shape combining rich flavors of caramel and dark chocolate. source :


Yet another fabulous Nendo design for Hagen Dazs this Xmas

Designed in partnership with the Champs Élysées Häagen-Dazs shop in Paris, the ice cream cake is meant to go on sale around Christmas, as a way to remind Parisians to make time around the holidays to go visit their loved ones. via

“Christmas is about homecoming, about spending time together with family, so we created a cake that’s a small village, composed of houses clustered closely together,” Nendo says. “We thought the winter wonderland scene would emphasize the warmth and cheer inside each home.” Nendo







Another poetic japanese creation : the water droplet rice cake

In Japan, the Kinseiken Seika Company has created a rice cake that looks like a water droplet, which melts in your mouth.

This treat is a special type of rice cake, which is known as “shingen mochi”. It is sprinkled with soybean powder and is eaten with brown sugar syrup. Unlike this unique dessert, normal mochis are usually yellow in color.



Mad about Japan ! miniature zen rock garden made from sweets




A collaboration between art directors Tomonori Saito, Shohei Sawada, and confectioner Motohiro Inaba, the Shinan-ji Temple Rock Garden doubles as a collection of sweet snacks.

This edible rock garden is made of black sesame cubes that are shaped like rocks, while the sand is actually a bed of sugar. However, the wooden rake in the set cannot be eaten.

via designtaxi

Llama, Copenhagen


The restaurant offers its diners south american cuisine with a menu that features ceviches, anticuchos and uruguayan-style meats.




Big partners bjarke ingels and jakob lange have collaborated with kilo founder Lars Larsen and creative director Jonas Hartz in completing ‘llama‘ a new dining establishment in the Danish capital