Troels’ magic


Danish designer Troels Flensted first appeared on the scene of design when he was selected to represent Danish design in 2016 at the prestigious trade fair Maison et Objet in Paris. He was named Talent of the Year and it was the start of a very promising career.


His signature collection POURED COLLECTION consists of trays, bowls & plates, is precisely the result of 2 years of experimentation and research. the product itself is a combination of mineral powder, water-based acrylics, and pigments mixed together producing a texture ready to be molded. the different patterns are determined by the quantity of pigment added to the mixture and by the way, the mixture is poured into the mold. the final pattern appears as the different ingredients are combined, which is the hardest part to master.

Troels’ professional journey moves at an impressive speed. He was awarded Talent of the year 2017 at Design Awards in Denmark and his work has been exhibited at some of the most respected design fairs across Europe.



His Poured Collection is available on He is a new designer to follow and YAD CHERI is following closely.




Hurricane by Ro

The Hurricane was inspired from the antique kerosene lamps, where a tall cylinder of glass spreads the light and protects the flame from the surroundings.

This beautiful item is part of a collection by Ro, a Danish design company deeply rooted in the love of craftsmanship, quality and tranquility.


Nordic Design : Floating House Copenhagen

Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard are both the dwellers and designers of this floating on the canals of Copenhagen. They have lived in and designed floating homes for almost 30 years.

The couple drew upon their years of experience living on the water to design and build an 860-square-foot floating home in Copenhagen Harbour.

source : trendland




Juul-Nørgaard-Residence-6  Juul-Nørgaard-Residence-7


VIPP – Danish pre-fabricated design “log cabin” – very stylish !

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A project by Danish design company Vipp, this revolutionary 55 sqm steel and glass construction includes a living area, a bed loft and a fully-equipped kitchen to be placed anywhere. The traditional log cabin has been revolutionized. love it !

source : luxury accommodations

Danish way of making coffee

Danish coffee brand Grower’s Cup : new concept

Created by managing director Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, “The Coffeebrewer” is a product that is shaped like a disposable bag. The bag contains coffee filters and a French press, and all one has to do is simply add hot water to it to make a cup of coffee.

The bag is coated with polyethylene and has a resealable opening and a spout. Users pour in 300 milliliters of water and wait for two to four minutes for the coffee to brew. This bag makes two cups of coffee, and it can be kept warm by placing the cap back on the spout.




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Oslo-based Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken are the ones to thank (Thanks!) and these advertising professionals wanted to re-imagine this classic with a modern twist…And they did just that by incorporating an iPad into the design.

These LEGO fans created the 1984 computer to scale with just a few simple adjustments to accommodate the iPad.

LEGO-Mac-Apple-Computer-iPad-2a LEGO-Mac-Apple-Computer-iPad-5-600x450 LEGO-Mac-Apple-Computer-iPad-4-600x507


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