Dripping Chocolate or a Picture Frame ? by Bonsoir Paris



The Paris, France-based design team of Bonsoir Paris is made up of graphic designers, Rémy Clémente & Morgan Maccari. Along with their team they created Duramen, a series of sculptures, which began as wooden frames that are then reimagined into something indistinguishable. The sculptures create juxtaposition between the distorted nature of the designs themselves and their use of fine woods such as oak, fir, wenge, pear, and linden. Source : designmilk






“Never Stop to Think… Do I Have a Place for This” by Mary Randolph Carter, Photographed by Carter Berg



In an age of picture-perfect interior design, best-selling author Mary Randolph Carter celebrates her highly personal and creative approach to decor, illustrating how to live stylishly with the many items you want to treasure forever.

This is a personal study which asks 20 individuals to share their unique collections and asks them to explain how and why they chose to surround themselves with these things.

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Love your house ? make a HOUSE RING

img_7_1384322134_610738bfca57e6ac9db2aac511fb98a3.jpg DIY-concrete-house-ring-designboom03 DIY-concrete-house-ring-designboom02


Exploring themes of scale, intimacy, memory and home, the ‘DIY concrete house ring kit’ by australian architect linda bennett allows one to make their own jewelry piece. reducing the large scale of most architectural projects, the small house ring is more tangible and accessible to make – it comes complete with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, cast and finish the sculptural item. via designboom