Haruka Misawa (@misawadesigninstitute) is redefining aquascaping, introducing 3Dprinted sculptural forms as compositional elements for fish, turtles, shrimp and aquatic plants to interact with: miniature landscapes inspired by the natural, but displaying the modern and artificial output of a 3D printer. source: designmilk


PROFILE : Janie Bryant the talent behind Mad Men fashion


Janie Bryant has made a name for herself in both Hollywood and fashion circles for her obsessive attention to detail and incredible eye as the costume designer for Mad Men. The newly married Bryant—who lives in Silver Lake with her husband, Peter—gets more acclaim for her pitch-perfect wardrobe magic with each passing season of AMC’s cult hit. “I always love the moment of seeing a character come to life—the transition that comes from the costume,” says Bryant of what motivates her each day. Her second Mad Men-inspired capsule collection for Banana Republic hits stores early this month, and the series’ fifth season started March 25 2014.