Kawaii Monster Café, Harajuku

The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the result of a collaboration between artistic director Sebastian Masuda, a pioneer of Japanese kawaii culture and Diamond Dining.

The Café’s theme is “The new Tokyo that nobody has ever seen” (mada Daremo mitakotononai atarashii Tokyo) and actually with its 193 seats, the coffee announces the color being the biggest in Tokyo.

Spread out over 4 different zones : MUSHROOM DISCO,  MILK STAND, BAR EXPERIMENT  & MEL-TEA ROOM, the Kawaii Monster is not original in its look but also with its unbelievable array  of food and drink.

An experience not to miss on your next trip to Tokyo.





Hipster Hangout : Cereal Killer Café, Shoreditch London

Opened just recently by identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary Keery, the Cereal Killer Café sells over 120 different types of cereal from around the world.  “If we can source it, we will sell it”. They offer British, American and global cereals all at £2.50 for a small bowl with a choice of milks and toppings such as banana or marshmallows. The journalist from TimeOut asked for the most obscure cereal they have: an Oreo cereal from South Korea – “very hard to source”.  A must-see !

Source : taken & edited from TIMEOUT







Spiler Shanghai – when Budapest meets Shanghai….

‘Spíler Shanghai’ is an Asian influenced bistro and bar in the historic Gozsdu courtyard, Budapest’s party district. The design, by owner Roy Zsidai, follows concepts embodied within his previous project ‘Spíler’ which opened in 2012. For the decor of the bistro he has mixed the atmosphere of Budapest’s ruin pubs, old industrial buildings that have been retrofitted with new furnitures and fixtures, with the aesthetic of NY’s Chinatown.




19 Greek Street Design Café, London

Soho design boutique 19 Greek Street launches a new café this month.


True to 19 Greek Street’s culturally-conscious, sustainable ethos, the owner has invited neighbourhood pop-up The Full English to serve up locally-sourced, organic British food, with special emphasis on afternoon tea.
As featured in Wallpaper – Editor’s Picks

Tokyo Bay Café by Nendo

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The design for a ‘parent and child cafe’ on Tokyo’s Omotesando, for parents to enjoy being out with small children without worry about those around them. The cafe is fully stocked with picture books and toys, and includes a playroom, private rooms and separate spaces for nursing and changing diapers.

TOM’S, Notting Hill London

The son of Sir Terence Conran and half brother to Jasper Conran, Tom Conran has opened a delightful deli/diner in Notting Hill.

Tom’s Deli is a delightful little parlour, multicoloured, filled to the brim with delicious delicacies- reaching as far as the eye can see. Definitely a place to check out next time in London, for tea, for brunch or any other excuse….

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Starbucks and Swiss Railway have joined forces for a new concept

starbucks-SBB-train-designboom01 starbucks-SBB-train-designboom03 starbucks-SBB-train-designboom04

Starbucks has recently introduced a new concept store for coffee consumption.

The beverage brand has collaborated with S Swiss railway company SBB to introduce their first commercial shop on a train. the new space has been designed with a focus on comfort and functionality, providing a lounge-like experience for travelers to relax and enjoy their journey on. the car is split between two levels, outfitted with a color palette influenced by coffee shades and tints – from dark roasted brown beans to white steamed milk colorways – and provides seating for 50 people. the exterior of the red and white train facade is branded with the starbucks logo including additional graphic design motifs, such as white icons to represent menu items like espressos and muffins.

The first Starbucks train is scheduled to run from geneva airport to St.Gallen in Switzerland on November 21 at 06:36am.