dieter de vos architected forms the triple brick arch house, Belgium





The strength and durability of Brick, allows it to handle extreme weather conditions while resisting any warp, rot, or decay. Because of this,  little maintenance is required. The density of its ingredients creates an efficient thermal mass which keeps the internal temperature within the thermal comfort zone. Visually, its compact size is available in various colors, textures, and shapes to generate multiple patterns at large scales. For these reasons, the architects of dieter de vos architecten have developed the ‘triple brick arch house’. source : designboom

COOK & BOOK, Restaurant and Library I Brussels


Cook & Book divided into two blocs (two separate buildings) and nine rooms, each with a different selection of books, different decoration and of course, the possibility to dine there. The specific sections/rooms include fine arts, music, general fiction, children’s literature, cook books, travel, graphic novels, lifestyle and each of them holds a certain amount of English books. The interior design of the bookstore deserves a special mention as it is nothing short of unique. The Designers had a huge space to work with and they created nine autonomous spaces, each with its own character and atmosphere. There’s even a terrace where you can read or eat or both, as well as a small playground for the children. Open 7 days a week, you can brunch, you can dine and even rent out the space for private functions.

cook&book bookshop bruxelles


cook & book english bookstore

Cook & Book 4





HET GEBAAR, Antwerp Belgium

Right in the center of Antwerp, is located the Het Gebaar restaurant, where the chef Roger Van Damme offers unique gastronomic experiences to those who seek them. Deeply influenced by the culinary methods of Tokyo, he creates deserts that are not only pleasure to the palate, but to the eye as well.