Hutong extensions

Through a series of renovations and new insertions, Chinese architect Zhang Ke has transformed some of Beijing’s ageing hutongs into hubs of activity.

Zhang Ke and his studio ZAO/standardarchitecture embarked on the Micro Hutong Renewal project to highlight the potential in these hutong neighbourhoods – which are largely unique to the Chinese capital, but are gradually being demolished.

The aim is to show how the traditional courtyard properties can be adapted to create resources for local communities, ranging from children’s play areas to co-working spaces.

source : Dezeen






My little cottage in China

Sun Min and Christian Taeubert discovered a farmer’s cottage near Beijing, perched on the foothills of jiankou at the Great Wall of China. It had been built by a local farmer in the 1970’s, but had been abandoned for the past 10 years. The son of the farmer, who still resides in the town, agreed to rent out his property to them for the duration of 10 years. This drove the architects to renovate the building and return it to its prosperity. via designboom










Archiplein extends Beijing Hutong using historical references

archiplein-beijing-hutong-designboom01 archiplein-beijing-hutong-designboom02 img_3_1383053251_b3375e77a80621e9b9becf26467f14ff

Regenerating Beijing’s urban fabric through micro architectural interventions, chinese studio archiplein haveextended this traditional beijing hutong. the dwellings in the classical city were designed around a clear empty square, and due to the large population density, the original courtyards have been overtaken by self-constructed buildings. completely transforming the typology of the structure, the arranged grafts almost make the original intention unreadable. this project provides an alternative solution, proposing a modest and economically viable insertion that reveals the quality of the existing space. following three main steps: rehabilitation of the existing building, a new extension and the treatment of the courtyard, the framed void helps to redefine its original composition. VIA Designboom

Health New Technologies & Products Expo. Beijing – unusual catwalk

ATT00274 ATT00277 ATT00283 ATT00289 ATT00292 ATT00295 ATT00298

Models parade in outfits made of condoms during a fashion show at the 4th China Reproductive Health New Technologies & Products Expo in Beijing . A Brazillian artist started creating fashions out of condoms to highlight the need to look at the prophylactics as basics, so that we would don them as easily as a pair of jeans. Some of her dresses use thousands of condoms; one wedding dress took almost 80,000 condoms.

Tales Pavillion Beijing by Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto has designed the new beijing retail and gallery space for tales enterprise. the striking volume has a visually dynamic façade in which the italian designer has wrapped the entirety of the structure with 1,200 pieces of brass tubing that appear as ‘grass leaves’. these metallic elements will begin to oxidize and naturally change color over time, merging with the natural backdrop of its site located in beijing lido garden. the tales pavilion is nichetto’s depiction of the young and avant-garde retailer, natural and free, and full of life.

luca-nichetto-beijing-tales-pavilion-designboom-01 luca-nichetto-beijing-tales-pavilion-designboom-04 luca-nichetto-beijing-tales-pavilion-designboom-06 luca-nichetto-beijing-tales-pavilion-designboom-10 luca-nichetto-beijing-tales-pavilion-designboom-a-1