Fashion Flair


Anonymous beautiful faces from around the world with amazing style. Their fashion flair is undeniable. It reminds you how strongly we are inspired by them in the world of fashion.

The styles or the looks that we admire on Paris, London, NY or Milan catwalks simply interpret the fashion flair coming from these different parts of the world.

As the expression goes “The devil is in the detail ” and here the details are paramount: tattoos, patterns, paisley, ornaments, beads, feathers, shells, batik, sheepskin lining, silks, painted faces, layered fabric, mix and match, florals, stripes – the list is endless.

A style is so personal, so defining.

Each of their styles is a feast for the eyes.

How much can you carry ? Photography by Floriane de Lassée

A photographer has travelled the world to showcase the talents of people who can carry heavy loads on their heads.
Floriane de Lassée, from France, went to some of the world’s most remote landscapes, from East Africa to South America, in search of subjects for her photo series, ‘How Much Can You Carry’.
The 37-year-old took on the project after becoming fascinated with the long lines of walkers carrying objects on their heads on roads around Africa.
So far she has pictured 70 people and travelled through 15 regions within seven countries to compile the spectacular images.
Her aim was to stage each person balancing the items that mean the most to them and her subjects ranged from children in Bolivia to tribesmen in Ethiopia. via dailymail

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