OOHO, The Edible Blob – or the bottle of water without the bottle

Inspired by techniques from molecular gastronomy, three London-based industrial design students created Ooho, a blob-like water container that they say is easy and cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable, and edible.

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The container holds water in a double membrane using “spherification,” the technique of shaping liquids into spheres first pioneered in labs in 1946 and more recently popularized by chefs at elBulli in Spain. It works a little like an egg yolk, which also holds its shape using a thin membrane.


Humour & Underwear Packaging for Basics 029

Humour  &  Underwear Packaging for Basics 029

Basics 029’s Freshly Laid underwear packaging is bold, humorous, witty and definitely serves as an eye-catching design. Freshly Laid is the brand of briefs that comes from menswear brand Basics 029 and to launch the underwear line, Bangalore-based agency Happy was put to the test of creating winning branding for it.

Great looking packaging for Arizona Ice Tea

Great looking packaging for Arizona Ice Tea

Maria Theron of Venezuela undertook this design as a student project. The goal was to broaden the consumer base of the beverage by cleaning up the graphics. Taking shapes and patterns from the State’s Native American art and textiles, Maria came up with precise repeated motifs and executed them with fine black lines on a pure white background. There is clarity amidst the complex ornamentation, and the colorful name of the brand simply pops from this Arizona Tea packaging concept.

The absolutely amazing TEA CALENDAR from Halssen & Lyon

The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is the first calendar in the world to feature calendar days made from tea leaves. Finely flavoured and pressed until wafer-thin, the 365 calendar days can be individually detached and brewed directly in the cup with hot water. The tea calendar was sent exclusively to selected business partners. via CJWHO

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AM has created a line of cleaning products

AM has created a line of cleaning products

designed and conceived in collaboration with aruliden, new york city-based brand strategy and product design consultancy, copenhagen-based AM have re-launched with a series of all-in-one screen cleaning products. the collection features a variety of all-in-one sprays, wipes, cloths and cleaning pumps for smartphones, tablets, computer and television screens, and keyboards