Road Trip feel to Metromile Office SF

Geremia Design’s new interior project for Metromile car insurance office in San Francisco, brings to mind scenes from a classic american road trip movie. The 8,000 square foot space includes casual discussion areas, a spacious kitchen, and a number of separate meeting rooms. source : design boom





Say Thank You to your Workmates…….

Say Thank You to your Workmates……
In a 2013 survey of 2,000 Americans on gratitude sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, some 80% agreed that receiving gratitude makes them work harder, but only 10% managed to express gratitude to others every day. “Thanks”—whether sent up, down or sideways—was rarely heard.
Being appreciated is one of the great motivators on the job, even better than money. Researchers at the London School of Economics analyzed more than 50 studies for a 2011 paper that looked at what gets people charged up at work. They concluded that we give our best effort if the work gets us interested and excited, if we feel that it’s providing meaning and purpose, and if others appreciate what we’re doing.
Appreciation is a great Motivator !
source : Wall Street Journal…/it-pays-to-give-thanks-at-the-office-1…


JWT OFFICES, Amsterdam

JWT Amsterdam, new offices are housed inside a former department store building in one of Amsterdam’s hottest neighborhoods, the new space is now open for some seriously surprising business, thanks to design director Alrik Koudenburg and designer/artist, RJW Elsinga.





Into the real world of MAD MEN – madison avenue advertising world

Time has collected a series of photos taken in the 1960s, when the real scions of advertising populated New York City’s Time-Life Building. It is a privileged glimpse into the real world of the fictional Don Draper.
Located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas and designed by Harrison, Abramovitz & Harris in 1959, much of the building’s mid-century mod styling is still intact. These pictures take us back to the days when clean lines and rich materials dominated office architecture.






Visitors veiwing abstract "Relational Painting #88



SISII, showroom & work space by Yuko Nagayama & Associates, Kobe Japan

Sisii-Showroomin-Kobe-by-Yuko-Nagayama-and-Associates-yellowtrace-05_1_ Sisii-Showroomin-Kobe-by-Yuko-Nagayama-and-Associates-yellowtrace-01 Sisii-Showroomin-Kobe-by-Yuko-Nagayama-and-Associates-yellowtrace-02 Sisii-Showroomin-Kobe-by-Yuko-Nagayama-and-Associates-yellowtrace-03 Sisii-Showroomin-Kobe-by-Yuko-Nagayama-and-Associates-yellowtrace-04 Sisii-Showroomin-Kobe-by-Yuko-Nagayama-and-Associates-yellowtrace-07

The project is located in Kobe, Japan and it consists of clothing items displayed randomly on metallic supports placed near the interior gardens. This way you can have the feeling of walking through a garden while you browse the selection of jackets and handbags and there are consultants always nearby to help you with your questions.

The unconventional idea of bringing a natural environment inside creates a relaxed ambiance and the functional areas are all placed on the elevated floor above the raised steel platform.

Office Space like a James Bond villain’s den – Stockholm – super cool

Bahnhof Albert France-Lanord 09-2008

Built in a former anti-atomic shelter underneath the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm, this incredible office from online retailer BAHNHOF looks like the underground lair of a Bond villain, and that’s exactly what’s so awesome and unique about it. Designed by the talented people at AF-LA.

via airows

Screen-Shot-2014-01-14-at-2.57.16-PM-660x753 Screen-Shot-2014-01-14-at-2.57.07-PM-660x485 Bahnhof Albert France-Lanord 09-2008 04-660x386 Bahnhof Albert France-Lanord 09-2008 08-660x386