The Skilled One


Every month, YAD CHERI.COM features a creator they collaborate with. This post is called THE SKILLED ONE and offers an insight on one of the many talents the online concept store works with. This month we learn about Megan Burke a talented artist who just recently launched her own brand.




Tribal inspiration & Panam-Panama

Lea Baert works with craftsmen from small villages in Panama and together they have produced a beautiful unique selection of handcrafted and handwoven pieces – wall art, tables, lamps.

The key piece in the collection recycles ventilator grilles as the “weft” on which weavers from the village Membrillo  proceed to employ their weaving skills. The bases are first crafted by a potter from the village of La Arena, and then reinterpreted by another craftsman who carves from a delicate and rare local soapstone.



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