Mathieu Lehanneur’s Concept for Audemars Piguet

In Mathieu Lehanneur’s concept for Audemars Piguet – first seen at Art Basel Hong Kong in May and now headed for Art Basel Miami from December 4th to 7th – he deftly balances ideas of elegance and durability, key attributes of the Swiss watchmaker’s brand. His inspiration came from Maison Audemar Piguet du Brassus, the company’s mansion-like headquarters overlooking the Vallée de Joux in the Jura Mountains – a gently undulating landscape of trees and meadows punctuated by rocky outcroppings. source : azuremagazine





Black Wallpaper

Piet Hein Eek started working with NLXL in 2010 launching ‘Scrapwood’ one of the most popular wallpaper collections in recent years. This month NLXL introduce a new photographic surface by Piet the “Black Brick” fitting perfectly into the prevalent monochrome trend.via despoke

Black Brick Wallpaper

1966 Receptionist Desk for Peugeot Headquarters by Ben Swildens x Max Ingrand

In 1966 Ben Swildens in collaboration with Max Ingrand, designed this desk for Peugeot’s relocated headquarters to Avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris. Also assisting with the design were architects Louis, Luc and Thierry Sainsaulieu. Only three desks were produced, by the Croiseau workshop in Paris, and made specifically for Peugeot’s reception assistants.








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Poetic Rain Bottle Installation by Nendo for Maison & Objet Paris September 5th – 9th 2014



Created for the 2014 Fall edition of Maison & Objet in Paris, who asked designers to consider the relationship between language and design, the word rain was chosen for its many nuances in Japanese, a language that has dozens of words for rain depending on the condition and time of day.



The exhibit consists of 20 clear acrylic bottles lined-up, each containing a different kind of ‘rain’. ‘Kirisame’, ‘biu’ and ‘kosame’ refer to different degrees of fine drizzle, while ‘niwaka-ame’ is a sudden downpour.



‘Mizore’ is sleet, and a ‘yudachi’ falls in the evening. ‘Kisame’ is rain that drips from the ends of tree branches, and ‘kaiu’ is rain that falls mixed with dust and pollen


Seasonal rains were also included, from the ‘samidare’ that falls in the spring, to ‘shigure’, rain specific to autumn and winter.



“By exhibiting twenty different kinds of ‘rain’, we hoped to express Japanese culture’s unique relationship to nature and the depth of this relationship.” says Nendo.





Hotel Dylan – a tribute to Woodstock – latest design project by the Novogratz

Owner of Hotel Dylan, Paul Covello, approached the Novogratz  to renovate a motel space he had in the iconic location of Woodstock, NY. As a tribute to the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969, they transformed the space into rooms that embrace sophisticated boho chic, vintage elements, and vibes of the true flower children themselves. Each room has a theme and an iconic image from Woodstock (by Elliot Landy) such as “The Band”, “The Jimi”, “The Blue Balloon”, and “The Joplin” to name a few.













Project : “Cuts of Beef” by Tomomi Tokuyasu at Musashino Art University

cuts-of-beef-by-tomomi-tokuyasu-3 cuts-of-beef-by-tomomi-tokuyasu


Art Student Tomomi Tokuyasu approaches beef the same way she approaches her art material – with a keen eye for patterns and design. “The red meat and fat are spread out differently, depending on where you cut,” says* Tokuyasu, referring to regular slices of beef she encounters at the supermarket. “If the complex expressions that reveal themselves can be perceived as shapes, rather than meat, we can begin to recognize them as prints and patterns.”

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Imaginary House imagined by Benoit Challand




French visual artist Benoit Challand has combined the visual language of Le Corbusier‘s houses and Santiago Calatrava‘s sculptures to form a vision for a futuristic self-sustaining house on stilts.

Roost-House-by-Benoit-Challand-_dezeen_ss_5 Roost-House-by-Benoit-Challand-_dezeen_ss_7 Roost-House-by-Benoit-Challand-_dezeen_ss_3


Named Roost House, the conceptual residence is depicted in a set of photo-realistic renderings in a remote location in Scotland. It would be raised several storeys above the ground on an angular scaffolding structure.


NOV-GALLERY, Carouge vous présente SWISS HAND MADE Switzerland

NOV gallery vous invite à découvrir SWISS HAND MADE.

Le design industriel et la photographie revisités par l’empreinte de son auteur.
Une sélection d’objets et photographies en édition limitée ou pièce unique des membres du Design Studio Renens.

Exposition du 24 janvier au 12 avril 2014

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