Adrian Amore Architects Butter Factory transformation, Melbourne

Housed in a former butter factory, this striking Loft Apartment design by Melbourne’s AA Architects is filled with sinuous forms that both define a modern view of urban domestic living and provide a beautifully executed antidote to the rectilinear forms of conventional living spaces. source : Yatzer



Orama, Sydney by Smart Design Studio

The transformation of ‘Orama’, a gracious Victorian villa in Sydney’s Woollahra, involved the renovation and extension of an historic house. Smart Design Studio‘s brief was to enhance and expand the building to create a deeply comfortable family home, and make a setting for the client’s incredible art collection




Created by 2 Australians, the GROWING BOOKS concept gives a new life to old books. Cacti & other plants fit in the center of hardcover books entirely protected from humidity. A lovely way to decorate using a book destined to be thrown away.



source : FUBIZ





Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt are the two Australian creators of the Memo Bottle : it’s a bottle with the shape of a notebook that we can put easily in a bag or a briefcase. It exists in 3 formats : A4, A5 and “letter”. And it’s dishwasher friendly !





The CLIFF HOUSE, Australia WOW ! by Modscape







In response to a number of clients seeking options for living on extreme coastal plots, Australian prefab architecture firm Modscape created the Cliff House, a design concept for a home that extends precariously from the side of a cliff. Inspired by the way barnacles hang on to a ship’s hull, the Cliff House clings to the cliff’s edge, providing a thrilling view of the surrounding landscape and ocean waters.

The innovative, five-story home takes advantage of modular design and prefabrication techniques to deliver a series of modules stacked vertically on top of each other, attached to the cliff using engineered steel pins. Residents enter at the top floor, then descend to each level via a lift. A barbecue and jacuzzi area at the bottom floor provides an immediate connection with the sea, further emphasizing the Cliff House’s unique design as a natural extension of the cliff.

Modular House Design Concept Clings to the Side of a Cliff
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