Switzerland Rocks

As a tribute to the alpine experience and the famed writer, Swiss studio bureau A has sited their project ‘Antoine’ within the vast, mountainous expanse of the alps. Commissioned during an artist residency at the Verbier 3D foundation, the architecture-cum-sculpture is inhabitable and structurally functional, comprising an indoor cabin with a fireplace, bed, table, stool and window. Literally hanging on the rock fall field, the small wooden dwelling hides its internal features within a projected concrete rock, deriving its shape from natural elements in its surrounding environment. ‘Antoine’ is, in part, derived from the long lasting swiss tradition of hidden bunkers and military infrastructure, referencing the writing of french philosopher paul virilio in 1975 on bunker archaeology and principles of camouflage — themes which have long since fascinated the architects. source : designboom

bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-04 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-05 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-06 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-13 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-07

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